Keep Things Cool by Scheduling a Walk-in Cooler Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Keep Things Cool by Scheduling a Walk-in Cooler Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

You should make sure that any walk-in cooler can be maintained and repaired by the same company that installed it. That way, you can rely on the company to take care of all of your refrigeration needs, as required. Why should you go all over town to make inquiries when you can go to one source for new installs or repairs?

Arranging an Inspection

A walk-in cooler repair in Pittsburgh, PA is frequently done after the cooler has been inspected. If a repair is needed, it’s usually not too expensive, especially if an inspection was made. If you do have your cooler break down unexpectedly, you may need to arrange inspections more often. Normally, you should have a standard inspection of the cooler ventilation system, or air flow performed yearly.

Wash Down the Interior Walls

To make sure to offset any cooler repair problems, regularly wash down the walls in the interior of the cooler. Typically, it is easier to clean walls made of stainless steel versus aluminum, as aluminum can dent, which makes it more of a challenge to clean.

Do You Need to Install a New Walk-in Cooler?

If you feel that your cooler has had one too many cooler repair issues, it may be time to switch out your old cooler for a new one. This can be easily done if you go through the same company that is performing your maintenance work. The major benefit of a walk-in cooler, obviously, is the size. However, installation is also easy. You can install the cooler on top of a concrete floor, thereby eliminating the need for any special flooring.

Speak to a Full-Service Provider

Would you like to know more about your commercial refrigeration options? If so, visit, a full-service refrigeration business. Take time now to review both commercial refrigeration appliances and walk-in coolers to give you a better idea of how to support your kitchen’s needs.

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