Independent Medical Health Insurance in Sulphur, LA Acts as a Great Counter to the Current Government Program

Anyone who has opted out of the Affordable Care Act registration has likely received about 200 texts informing them of the deadline. The deadline has passed, but that is not the end to all health insurance needs. Americans have options that work outside the ACA that has stirred plenty of controversy and a wealth of issues for medical professionals. Some options could be safer. Below are some features for Medical Health Insurance in Sulphur LA, outside the ACA, that are certainly worth deliberating.

Boosting Out-of-Pocket Costs

One of the most appealing features of plans through the ACA is that they have low out-of-pocket expenses. The deductibles are traditionally very low, but the monthly costs are unmanageable for many. The issue, obviously, is that any kind of insurance should come through and not cause a massive financial setback. Unfortunately, the monthly costs are too large to realistically pay for many Americans. They are forced to opt out of the program entirely and just pay the penalty. Interestingly, the penalty is lower than it would cost for carrying insurance for the year. Many are willing to take the risk because the price difference can be thousands of dollars.

With Medical Health Insurance in Sulphur LA, policyholders can adjust the out-of-pocket deductible to help accommodate their monthly budget. There is greater flexibility there, as opposed to the ACA, which fits a tight framework and expects policyholders to pay well over $400 a month for a single-person policy.

Premium Tax Credit

Some Americans can apply for a premium tax credit of their income falls below a certain threshold. That can amount to a lot of savings. Curtis Insurance has a system in place to help policyholders save in their taxes for the 2015 year as well as the upcoming 2016 tax year.

The credit can also decrease the out-of-pocket expenses. Coverage should be affordable; realistically affordable; without straining families just trying to get by. Everyone understands that medical care has expenses. But, is it justified to gouge families through a forced government plan? Is there not an option that is independent, flexible, and affordable? Insurance providers are discussing these exact matters in 2016.

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