Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Program

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Program

So, out of every career you could potentially pick to dedicate your life to, you have chosen to become a nurse. The next logical question is of course: what now? After all, you can’t just walk into any hospital, call yourself a nurse, and expect to be given a set of scrubs. You have to find yourself a nursing program. But which one to choose from, out of the thousands offered across America? If you are seeking nurse training in Schaumburg, IL, here are the basics of what should be considered first and foremost when choosing which nursing program to pursue.

#1. Pick a school to match your goals

Do you want to pursue an A.D.N? Or perhaps an MSN or a doctorate? Different schools have different extents of training, so always be sure of how far exactly you plan on going before setting your sights on a particular school. And before you apply, be sure to check and see if you have a degree in another subject. Depending on what that subject is, the school may give you credit.

#2. The location of the program

Is the program going to take place online or on a campus? How far away is the campus? If it’s far enough away that a move is in order, are there on campus dorms, or nearby apartments? These are all questions you should consider when applying for any college, not just nursing school. Any college student will tell you to never underestimate how much of a pain a long or hurried commute can be. Be sure to pick a program with a location that fits squarely into your budget.

#3. Pre-admission exams

If your sights are set on a high ranking program, be prepared to take an exam before even being allowed to apply. Often these tests act as judge to whether or not you can apply at all. Study up on the program you’re interested in, check to be sure of the existence of an exam before admissions. If there is one, and you think you can beat it, get studying as soon as possible.

#4. What are the pass rates for the NCLEX?

How prepared this school will make you for this exam, taken by every medical student wishing to perform their job in their state, should be one of, if not the, top deciding factor for whether or not a program is for you or not. If you do not pass this exam, you will not receive your license to operate in the state in which you took the exam.

There are many things to consider when applying for a nursing program, but these four should be your top concerns. Where your program is being held, how far the program will take you, the possibility of pre-admission exams, and your likelihood of passing the NCLEX, are the main deciding factors when picking a nursing program. So, if nursing is your dream job, remember these tips and do your research. For more visit Aquarius Institute.

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