Important Steps for Water Proofing Newport Beach logo Waterproofing is an important step for protecting and preserving the lifespan, safety and beauty of your wood deck. Along with repelling water and protecting the wood from the damaging effects of the sun, applying waterproofing sealant helps to slow down the decaying process that happens to wood dramatically. In order for your deck to benefit from waterproofing, use the following required steps for Water Proofing Newport Beach in the proper order.

Prepare the Deck for Waterproofing

Before you can waterproof your deck, you have to prepare it properly before applying any waterproofing sealants. No matter what type of waterproofing you decide to go with, the process should always start with inspecting the deck for loose boards or warped boards, and boards that show any other signs of damage. Repair these problems and replace all damaged wood before moving on with the process.

The next step in preparing the deck for waterproofing is to ensure that it is clean and free of previously applied waterproofing sealants. Use a sanding machine to smooth out the surface of the deck and strip old sealant before using a pressure washing machine to eliminate all traces of dust, dirt, mildew and mold. Once you complete this step, allow the deck to dry completely before applying waterproofing sealant.

Apply Waterproofing Sealant to the Deck

Once the deck is completely clean and dry, the next step is applying the waterproofing sealant. Before you apply the sealant, ensure that the weather will be dry without the chance of rain for a few days. Moisture introduced during or immediately after waterproofing application decreases its overall effectiveness.

Always stir the sealant thoroughly before application and use a long handled paint roller to apply it to the boards lengthwise. A paintbrush will allow you to get into tight spaces, and apply as many coats as you feel is necessary for coverage and a complete seal. After you have applied the waterproofing sealant, allow it to dry completely before any foot traffic or placement of any furniture.

Keep these important steps in mind as you perform Water Proofing in Newport Beach. While it is possible to do waterproofing on your own, employing the services of professional wood restoration and deck sealing specialists guarantees proper application and long-lasting results. Contact a wood restoration and deck sealing company today to protect your investment, and save valuable time and money in the process.

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