How to Reduce the Prep Time for Your Child’s Next Birthday Cake

How to Reduce the Prep Time for Your Child’s Next Birthday Cake

For all the focus placed on children’s birthday parties, the central focus is still one of the most classic elements: the birthday cake. For the few moments that it stands in the spotlight as everyone gathers around to sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy or girl, it requires a disproportionate amount of planning and effort that seems almost unfair given its ultimate fate. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the time it takes to prep a birthday cake, resulting in more time for other party preparations.

Cheat, But Only a Little

For most kids, the most important part of a cake is the frosting. This preference means that as long as the frosting is good, the cake will receive a kid’s seal of approval. To save time, you can buy a pre-made sheet cake that is not frosted. Then you can make the frosting yourself. Since homemade frosting is way better than anything from a can, your cake will be a hit, and you’ll only have to do half the work.

The Right Tools
Another reason making a cake takes such a long time is that it’s something you don’t normally do. This rarity means that you likely don’t have the specialized tools it takes to crank out a cake quickly. However, a few simple purchases, such as professional turntables to allow you to frost a cake quickly, can help you save some serious time. Though they may not be used often, these tools will definitely come in handy when you need them.

Keep it in Perspective
As important as the cake seems to be among the various party elements, it’s not the most important thing. Cakes frosted on professional turntables are great, but the most important thing and the thing that your children will remember years from now is simply that you were present at their party. So, don’t take the party too seriously. Take some time to enjoy and appreciate the milestone your child is celebrating.

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