How to Deliver Your Products to Your Customers Wrapped to Perfection

How to Deliver Your Products to Your Customers Wrapped to Perfection

The stretch wrapper has become iconic since it was introduced in 1973, at Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s trade show. Becoming the chief method of pallet unitization, this packaging machine saves businesses billions of dollars yearly, increases productivity, and reduces shipping damage.

The Go-To Auto Packaging Machine

Most standard shrink wrappers wrap product-to-product. But it generally costs much more to replace damaged goods than to properly prepare them for shipment. That is why packaging needs to ensure the product will travel from point A to point B easily and with little to no damage.

The auto packaging machine is ergonomically designed for ease of operation and safety. All parts are protected by steel guarding and there are multiple safety features built-in.

Advantages to Orbital Technology

Orbital technology wraps stretch film around the product to lock it to the pallet. Using a forklift to position the product on the pallet in the wrapping ring, the wrapping cylinder dispenses stretch wrap completely around the product in a minute or less.

Using orbital technology for stretch wrapping your product improves packing and shipping efficiency, to reduces labor and material costs, and to puts an end to freight damage claims.

For more information about the Auto Packaging Machine, call (610) 921-0012 to talk in person. You may also contact TAB Wrapper Tornado through their website at to learn more about the American made, economical TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine that wraps your product directly to the pallet. See the website for details on how you can test drive the wrapper.

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