How Sealcoating Makes Asphalt Last Longer

How Sealcoating Makes Asphalt Last Longer

Asphalt repair is necessary fact of life. Seasonal temperature changes in New Hampshire take their toll on asphalt roadways and driveways. The sealcoating Manchester NH residents rely on can help to make asphalt last much longer.

How Asphalt Breaks Down

Asphalt disrepair can come in many forms, including cracks, upheavals, and pot holes. These can cause dangerous obstacles that drivers can’t always anticipate, especially at night. If a driver is coming down the road at a fast speed and one of the tires hits a pothole, any number of eventualities may occur. This is why asphalt repair companies are so much in high demand. There is a nearly constant need for asphalt repair services.

The Sun’s Harmful Rays

Heat from the sun and UV rays also break down the asphalt, affecting it on a molecular level. If you were to look closely at the asphalt, you would see little cracks, breaking out like spider veins all across the surface of the asphalt. Within a few more years, the surface gets very brittle and bits of it, especially around the edges can break off. Little pieces of asphalt can get strewn across the highway like small pebbles. These pieces, which are brittle and hard as rocks, can pop up when a tire hits them, and make impact with a car’s windshield, causing it to crack, even in your driveway.

Sealcoating Protects the Life of the Asphalt

These are some of the reasons why asphalt not only has to be applied to the road, but then an asphalt sealer has to be applied on top of that, almost like a clear paint coat. By sealcoating Manchester NH roadways and driveways, this breakdown process is drastically reduced so the asphalt lasts much longer.

If your driveway is looking less than brand new, chances are it could use a refresher coat, plus an asphalt sealant to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible.

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