How Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati, OH Helps Employers

How Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati, OH Helps Employers

Ohio medical teams that provide occupational medicine assess risks in the workplace. These strategies are used to reduce the probability of work-related accidents. The medical staff evaluates these conditions and creates a health plan for these workers. Doctors who work in Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH reduce the liabilities associated with employing workers.

Drug Screenings for Employees

As a first line of defense, all employers require a drug screening. The preferred urgent care facility follows specific protocol to prevent contamination of the specimen. This may include nurses that monitor the collection process. They also inquire about all prescription medications used by the potential employee. These tests identify controlled substances and illegal drugs. The urgent care facility sends a report to the employer after the test is complete.

Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims

After work-related injuries, workers are sent to the urgent care for evaluations. The doctors follow the guidelines for these examinations and file a report based on their findings. If the injuries are substantial, the employer must file a worker’s compensation claim through their insurance.

The urgent care facility provides all medical records for the injury to the insurance provider. They are required to provide a recovery period of these injuries. They must determine if the worker can return to work after this injury.

Managing the Health of Workers

At the onset of potential illness, the urgent care facility manages the health of workers. This allows them to identify occupational illnesses that could produce long-term disabilities. These examinations are necessary if the employer discovers asbestos-related materials in their workplace.

The urgent care facility manages any long-term care required by the employees after these diseases are discovered. In most cases, the employer is required to cover the full cost of medical treatment. These services could help them discover these illnesses at an earlier stage.

Ohio workers must remain safe in their workplace. Local urgent care facilities help employers by reviewing the health of their workers regularly. These services also allow them to diagnose potential illnesses that are considered fatal. Employers who need Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH should visit for further details about services today.

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