Helpful Moving Tips From Experienced New Orleans Movers

Helpful Moving Tips From Experienced New Orleans Movers

Professional movers are able to work with customers with small homes or apartments as well as those with large homes and extensive inventories of items. Regardless of how large the move may be, there are always things that people in New Orleans can do to help the move go quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

One of the best options for any size of move is to consider packing services offered by the relocation company. This entails having a crew of trained packers come into the home prior to the move to pack, box, or crate specific items in the home or to pack rooms or the entire contents of the home.

Not only does this take all the stress out of a move from New Orleans, but it also ensures the items are packed in the safest way. With this service, all packing materials are included with the cost, and it is surprisingly reasonable. Additional insurance may also be possible with this option, which is essential for valuable or fragile items, including artwork, computers, and electronics.

Boxes and Packing Material

If you are not using the packing services offered by the movers, be sure to use new boxes and packing material, and avoid the temptation to use old or salvaged boxes and packing.

Old boxes are more likely to collapse on the sides when stacked, increasing the risk of damage to the contents. Old packing does not provide the protection and can also increase breakage, chips, and damage, no matter how carefully the moving crew is in handling the boxes.

Tape and Label

Always make sure to completely tape and seal the boxes once they are packed. Avoid overpacking the boxes and making them difficult to handle due to their weight and size.

In addition, it is very helpful for the movers to have the boxes clearly and consistently labeled. This makes it easy to not only ensure all boxes are on the truck, but it allows the moving team at the destination to place the boxes in the right room in the new residence.

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