Having Trouble Setting Up Wireless Home Networking in Bellevue, NE? Call a Geek!

Having Trouble Setting Up Wireless Home Networking in Bellevue, NE? Call a Geek!

When it comes to computer technology, there are three groups of people: the geeks, the clueless and everyone else falling somewhere in the middle. The clueless can get themselves into trouble but are more likely to ask for help early. The people in the middle assume they can figure out most problems, including setting up Wireless Home Networking Bellevue NE. Sometimes they’re successful, sometimes they run into problems.

You Can’t Always Trust Instructions

The people with a vested interest in helping can’t always be relied on for accurate information. One of the larger internet providers sent out new wireless routers a couple years ago with a fold-out setup instruction sheet almost as large as a movie poster. There was plenty of how-to information, but a built-in problem.

When customers did everything exactly as instructed, it didn’t work even after multiple tries. A phone call to tech support supplied the answer – the instructions were wrong.

Routers purchased directly can also have misleading instructions. Since so many routers are manufactured overseas, setup instructions are often written by people who aren’t always proficient in English.

Buying the Wrong Router

When someone buys a router, whether it’s for a new network or as a replacement, they don’t always determine their network’s needs. All they want is to get on the internet, so may not consider how much coverage is needed, the total number of devices that may be connected and the structure of their home. Modern residential routers have a lot of features. A little online research can let you become familiar with those you need.

Always Record Old Router Settings

When upgrading, always write down the current usernames, passwords and other router settings. Don’t just rip-and-replace. Record IP addresses, SSIDs, and any customized settings.

Trying to Fix a Problem with a “Hard Reset”

Most routers have a “hard reset” button which can only be accessed with a paper clip or pin and returns the router to its default settings. This is ONLY a last resort option. All config information entered by the user will be lost. Hopefully, you wrote everything down. Much of the time, a “hard reset” isn’t necessary and just creates a lot more work.

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