Have You Been Denied Social Security Disability in Kansas City?

Have You Been Denied Social Security Disability in Kansas City?

It’s not true that everyone who applies for Social Security Disability in Kansas City is denied. About 35% of the people who apply are actually approved on their first application. Those people could be considered very fortunate since the remaining 65% of those people needing disability benefits were denied.

It’s easier for a bureaucrat working for the Social Security Administration to say “No” than to say “Yes.” Their jobs are secure, and a large pension is waiting; they have no motivation to approve claims in a timely manner. The rules are very complex, and some consider them open to interpretation. Claims can be denied for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons for denial are listed below.

Filing for Disability while Collecting Unemployment

Not everyone agrees as to whether or not someone who is collecting unemployment should be able to file for disability, but most feel it’s a bad idea. Someone who is applying for Social Security Disability benefits is stating that they have not been able to work for twelve months and do not expect the situation to improve. Conversely, if someone is collecting unemployment benefits, they are saying that they are looking for a job. Someone’s unique situation could make it acceptable to claim both benefits, but normally if someone is collecting unemployment, this will be a red flag for Social Security.

Continuing to Work while Applying for Disability

In order to even be considered for Social Security Disability benefits, the applicant must not be earning over a specific limit per month. Anyone earning more than that would need to quit their job before applying for disability.

Never Bothering to Check the Status

How often a claim should be checked depends on many factors, but the application should never be submitted and ignored. Don’t assume that everything is OK because a denial has not been received. The paperwork could have been lost, or the denial didn’t get sent to the applicant.

Missing the Deadline for an Appeal

Many people are approved for their disability benefits after an appeal. However, an applicant must submit an appeal within 60 days of the last denial.

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