Granite Countertops In Modern Plymouth, MN, Kitchens

Granite Countertops In Modern Plymouth, MN, Kitchens

When most people think of natural stone countertops, including marble and granite, they tend to think of classically designed homes in Plymouth, MN. While it is true that granite countertops make an ideal addition to these homes, they are also ideal in a modern, European or minimalist style of kitchen design.

Designs Options to Consider

Highly polished granite has a beautiful, rich luster and glow that brings out the patterning and subtle color variations in the stone. This polished sheen and the luster is a touch of dazzle and pop in a modern style of kitchen, blending perfectly with the minimalist look of the cupboards, cabinets and even the appliances within the design.

Using straight profile edges or beveled edges to the granite countertops also adds to the look of the kitchen design. Modern kitchens can also include graceful flowing curves, particularly on kitchen islands and bars which accent the lines of the rest of the room.

Color Options

All granite countertops have a unique look and appeal. There are many different naturally occurring colors depending on the location of the quarry and the formation of the granite over time. This ranges from subtle colors and patterns to bold options.

For a modern looking kitchen with white or black cabinetry and appliances, a gray, black and white, silver or even a striking blue or gold accented granite is very eye-catching. The choice of colors is reflective of the focus of the kitchen; they can be selected to blend in or to really stand out.

More distinctive and unique patterning in different options in granite slabs can also match the look of a modern kitchen. They can become the perfect match for the flooring, walls, and cupboards, in a Plymouth, MN, home by striking a balance while also making a statement.

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