Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets In Phoenix AZ

Selecting the kitchen cabinets for a home is a major decision. Since most homeowners will have the same cabinets for many years, it’s essential to choose cabinets that are sturdy and attractive. A store that sells kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix AZ will have the products in their showroom so homeowners can view the actual cabinets before purchasing them. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about selecting kitchen cabinets for the home.

Q.) What are some common types of wood that manufacturers use for making kitchen cabinets?

A.) Durable and attractive types of wood that are often used in making kitchen cabinets include oak, maple, cherry and alder. Oak is a wood that has an open grain and unique characteristics, such as knots and mineral deposits that are common in this type of wood. The wood of maple cabinets appears smooth due to its subtle grain. The colors of cherry wood can vary from dark blond to chestnut brown and this wood gets darker as it ages. Alder wood has a reddish tint and since this is a softer wood, it’s a good choice for applying a stain.

Q.) What are the different kinds of cabinets that homeowners can buy?

A.) Homeowners can choose from three basic types of kitchen cabinets, which are stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinets are less costly than the other two cabinet types and they’re pre-fabricated by each manufacturer. These cabinets are sold as is through various companies that sell kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix AZ. Semi-custom cabinets are also pre-fabricated, but homeowners have more options for customization when purchasing these types of cabinets. Custom cabinets are made only after a customer orders them. Since they aren’t pre-fabricated, the maker designs and builds the cabinets to meet the exact specifications of the customer. These cabinets are the most costly, but for homeowners who are unable to fit stock and semi-custom cabinets into their kitchen design, these cabinets are the perfect choice.

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