Free Brake Inspections in Redding, CA Keep Motorists Safe

Free Brake Inspections in Redding, CA Keep Motorists Safe

Brakes typically sound the loudest when they need repair. Indeed, everybody knows when their brakes need immediate service, as brakes grind and vibrate – almost like a warning not to drive the car. If you want to restore your brakes when this happens, you need to act immediately.

However, don’t wait until your brakes reach this point – schedule regular brake inspections in Redding, CA instead. By taking this approach, you can experience smooth and safe braking on a routine basis. By having inspections done periodically, you can also avoid any future hazards and large, expensive repairs.

What Is Involved in a Brake Repair?

After brake inspections are made, technicians often go ahead and perform brake repairs. A brake repair includes the following services:

* The replacement of the old brake hardware with new hardware, including calipers, rotors, drums, brake hoses, and master cylinders.
* If required, the rotors and drums are resurfaced.
* The brake fluid is flushed and air is removed from the lines.
* The anti-locking braking system (ABS) is checked and repaired.

Replacing the Pads Is Not Enough

After brake inspections are performed, most car owners will replace their pads. However, this type of repair will not ensure your total safety. While replacing the pads will get rid of any squeaking sounds, you normally need to replace your rotors if you hearing grinding or squeaking noises. Usually, rotors need to be replaced too if the technician notices uneven surface wear or cracks.

In addition, the pads are signaling they need to be replaced if your vehicle pulls to one side or you are pressing the pedal too close to the car’s floorboard. If your brake fluid leaks, schedule a repair without delay as this indicator warns of a future loss of pressure in the brakes.

In order to have your car checked and serviced properly, rely on an auto service like Major Muffler & Auto Repair. That way, you will always know who to contact for regular maintenance services for your car.

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