Four Reasons to Get Windshield Chips Repaired in Arlington, VA

Four Reasons to Get Windshield Chips Repaired in Arlington, VA

People often make the mistake of downplaying windshield chips as mere cosmetic damage. While they do take away from a vehicle’s aesthetics, there is a greater cause for concern. Here are four reasons to get those chips repaired immediately.

Chips Can Progress Into Cracks

Depending on the nature of the chip, it could form into a large crack. Severe cracks can be irreparable, warranting the need for an entirely new windshield.

It Will Eventually Cave In

When auto glass in Arlington, VA is cracked, its foundation is weakened. From that point, the windshield is on borrowed time, especially if the damage is substantial. At the first sign of a bad weather condition or heavy impact, the glass could shatter.

It Is a Safety Hazard

Drivers who operate vehicles with compromised glass put the safety of themselves and others in jeopardy. In a moment’s time, a simple distortion in a windshield can be easily be mistaken for an oncoming vehicle or a foreign object in the road.

It Can Become a Costly Issue

Generally speaking, chips are an inexpensive fix. However, additional expenses may become a factor if a police officer finds the damaged auto glass in Arlington, VA, worthy of a citation or if it worsens drastically, causing a need for a total replacement.

Without the proper training, performing an at-home windshield repair job can cause greater ruin. Allow an expert at Beltway Auto & Plate Glass to get the job done right.

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