Four Advantages of Installing Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA

Four Advantages of Installing Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA

Storm doors most commonly are constructed of aluminum, wood, or fiberglass and have large areas of glass. The installation of Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA provides a few important benefits in the residential setting. These doors boost energy efficiency, reduce noise transmission, allow fresh air in, and add an extra level of security.

Energy Efficiency

A storm door adds an extra layer of climate control, blocking cold air in the winter and excessively warm air during the summer. This home improvement feature is advantageous even when the house already has an energy-efficient entry door.

Noise Reduction

This advantage is mainly important for people who live on a busy street or near a highway. A high-quality storm door, in addition to the exterior door at the living room, kitchen or dining area, can reduce the noise from outside remarkably.

Fresh Air

Many Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA have screen inserts that are opened by moving a glass pane upward. This door functions as an extra window when the interior entry door is open. In this region, it’s is a better option than simply leaving the entry door open for fresh air, as like mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs are likely to venture inside when no screen is present.

Even when the weather is chilly, and the screen is blocked, sun is streaming in through the storm door glass often has a significant solar effect that provides comfy heat for several feet in front of the door. Pet owners can expect their dogs and cats to take full advantage of that.


Although a glass door may not seem like much of a barrier between a would-be burglar and the interior of the house, a door made of hurricane-strength glass is extremely difficult to break. Burglars try to be as quiet as possible, and they don’t want to be swinging heavy objects at the laminated glass. Such activity would likely alert neighbors or passersby that something untoward was going on.

Concluding Thoughts

Storm doors, as installed by a company such as Steel Doors Inc., are available in many designs that complement the exterior of virtually any home. Contact us to get started on choosing a new home improvement product.

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