Forward-Thinking Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Newark, DE

Forward-Thinking Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Newark, DE

Even though humans have used drugs for many thousands of years, members of modern society hold countless common misconceptions about drug use. One commonly-refuted fact is that most people who use drugs don’t end up developing problematic, long-term habits. Some people do, however. Here are a few things you should know about rehabilitation centers in Newark DE.

Addiction Often Accompanies Other Health Problems

It’s true that most modern substance use disorder treatment facilities specialize in helping enrollees overcome addiction. However, since people with substance use disorder often suffer from other mental health issues, it’s important for these facilities to be capable of appropriately meeting those needs.

Evidence Is Where It’s At

Research isn’t always undisputably true. However, peer-reviewed research is almost always largely correct. The best rehabilitation centers in Newark DE employ evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management.

Don’t Write Off Substitution, or Medication-Assisted Treatment

Not all types of substance use disorder can effectively be tended to via replacing addicts’ drug or drugs of choice with replacements. However, this very treatment – medication-assisted treatment, that is, also called MAT – is great for long-term opioid users. Drugs like buprenorphine and methadone are the two most common choices for opioid replacement therapy.

Don’t Trust the Rest – Let Us Help

Here at PACE, Inc., we follow all of these ideas to improve enrollees’ treatment outcomes, something many other rehabs don’t do – visit us to see if we’re right for you.

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