Forget the Dealer – Find an Independent Oil Change in Roseburg, OR

Forget the Dealer – Find an Independent Oil Change in Roseburg, OR

If you have purchased your car from a local Roseburg, OR, car dealership, you were probably told that when an oil change is required, you should bring it right back to the dealer. Though the people who work at the dealership might have specific training in with a certain make of car, that doesn’t mean that an independent auto shop can’t work on your vehicle. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing an independent shop, especially for routine maintenance like an oil change in Roseburg, OR.

It is Likely More Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an independent auto shop for an oil change is the affordability. Car dealerships are notorious for being expensive…and many believe that they are overly expensive. When you choose an independent auto shop, however, the price of an oil change is more affordable and competitive.

You Still Get Knowledgeable Service People

Many people blindly go to a dealership because they believe the technicians are more knowledge. That, however, is not necessarily true. Most technicians at independent shops are extremely qualified, and in many cases, they could be more knowledgeable than those at a specific dealership as they work on all different types of car makes. A technician at a Honda dealership, for instance, may only have experience working with Honda’s. An independent shop, however, can work on any type of car from a Kia or Ford to a BMW or Mercedes.

If you are looking for a great oil change in Roseburg, OR, consider the highly qualified team at Mobile Tune. With decades of experience with all makes and models, you won’t go wrong. Visit for more information!

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