For Paternity Problems, Consult a Child Custody Law Attorney in Honolulu

For Paternity Problems, Consult a Child Custody Law Attorney in Honolulu

Children are twice as likely to be born to unmarried, but cohabiting, parents than was true only ten years ago. While children living with both parents are generally better off financially than children born to single mothers, they tend to do less well economically than children born to married parents.

Cohabiting parents are statistically more likely to split up than married couples. Children born to cohabiting parents are more likely to have stepparents, half-siblings and complicated child-support and visitation problems.

The Benefits of Establishing Paternity

A biological father is not the legal father until paternity has been established, states a Child Custody Law Attorney in Keller, TX. Establishing paternity is important for both the father and the child and ensures the following benefits:

  • The legal father has the right to custody and visitation.
  • Parent and child are more likely to have a close relationship, since the father has the legal right to spend time with the child.
  • The birth certificate will have both the mother’s and father’s name.
  • The child will have access to the father’s medical history if needed.
  • A child can inherit from a legal father.
  • A child can qualify through a legal father for Social Security benefits, medical insurance, or other benefits.
  • A child will be more secure financially.

Paternity can be Established in Three Ways

  1. Sign a Voluntary Establishment of Paternity

This form is usually signed and witnessed at the hospital after the birth and allows both parent’s names to be recorded on the birth certificate. The legal father will become obligated to pay child support if or when he does not live with the child. This form can also be signed later by making an appointment with the district health office; both parents will have to go to sign the Voluntary Establishment of Paternity.

  1. A Paternity Action Is Filed with the Court

A judge will issue a decree as to whether the alleged father is the child’s biological and legal father. Genetic testing may be ordered.

  1. Get Married

If the parents get married after the birth of the child, the husband will become the legal father of the child.

Each child custody law attorney in Keller, TX practicing at the Mitchell Law Firm has extensive experience with complicated child custody issues. The firm is dedicated to finding the best and most cost-effective solutions for their civilian or military clients.

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