Five Things to Know About Doggie Daycare in Millersville

Five Things to Know About Doggie Daycare in Millersville

Dog owners that are away for numerous hours throughout the day often struggle to leave their pets alone. Work has to happen though, so they often think there’s nothing they can do. A doggie daycare in Millersville solves that problem. They allow pets to come in for the day so they can receive the time and attention they need. Before signing a dog up, though, there are some things to know.

Drop-Off Time

Owners that work a first shift job can easily bring their pets to daycare. The drop-off time each day is at 7 am. For those that work a later shift, their pets won’t be able to go.

Pick-Up Time

Some may think they can get out of work and have time to run errands before picking up their pet, but this may not be the case. Each day, pick-up time is by 6 pm. Many may have to get out of work and head right over to get their dog. On Fridays, there may be more of a rush, as pickup time changes an hour earlier, to 5 pm.

Week Days

Those that work on the weekends may have to find other accommodations for their pets. The doggie daycare runs during the week. Monday through Friday, owners can bring their dogs in for a day of pampering and fun.

Veterinary Services

Before dropping pets off, a release form needs to be signed. This form indicates that the owner will be contacted should anything go wrong with the dog. If the owner can not be reached, the form authorizes the on-site veterinarian to perform the necessary services the dog requires.

Physical Exam and Vaccinations

Dogs that have not had a physical exam within the past year, or that are not up to date on their vaccinations, can not attend the doggie daycare. Multiple dogs will be present each day, and the staff does not want to take the chance of getting the other animals sick.

A doggie daycare in Millersville is ideal for dogs since they receive the grooming they need, as well as the space to get out and run each day. Owners that work regularly can consider this option for their pet, allowing them to receive the attention they need to thrive. Gambrills Veterinary Clinic runs the daycare, ensuring all dogs are in the best hands possible.

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