Fireplace Manufacturers Offer Both Gas and Wood Fireplace Options

Fireplace Manufacturers Offer Both Gas and Wood Fireplace Options

Are you looking for a way to heat your living spaces in the low maintenance and affordable way? Do you enjoy the amenities and warmth of a fireplace but don’t want to have the extra cleanup work that comes with a traditional old-style wood-burning fireplace? If your answer to one or both questions is yes, you may want to look into purchasing a gas burning fireplace. Fireplace manufacturers have developed modern gas burning fireplace units that are virtually maintenance free and burn either natural gas or liquid propane in a highly efficient manner to produce cozy heat in a living area.

Gas and Wood Fireplaces

A variety of different types of wood and gas fireplaces are on the market. However, when it comes to gas fireplaces, there are two types that stand out – direct vented and ventless. Direct vented gas fireplaces operate through a sealed combustion system that maintains the quality of the indoor air and transfers the exhaust to the outside air.

Fireplace manufacturers have also developed ventless gas fireplaces that do not transfer the exhaust to the outside air.

Buying Your Gas Fireplace

A fireplace purchase is a big decision – it takes up considerable amount of space in your home and can determine the level of comfort you experience during those cool and cold days and nights. There are many styles and colors available with these units to help you accommodate your indoor décor. A few tips below may help you in your purchase decision.

* Determine how you would like to start your fireplace. Gas fireplaces may be started with the flip of a switch, the press of a button, or the use of remote control. They may also be started through the use of a manual safety pilot or match light. This may or may not be important to you, but it is something to think about, since it will determine how easy it is to start your fireplace.

* Determine the type of logs you want in your fireplace. Ceramic logs that simulate wood are available and give off radiant heat that can fill up the entire room.

* Determine if you want to use natural gas or propane as the fuel for your fire. Your decision may be simplified based on the types of gas lines that run into your home.

Regardless of your final choice among the many available options from fireplace manufacturers, your new fireplace can provide consistent warmth and an attractive addition to your indoor décor throughout the year.

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