Fire Extinguisher Selection in Illinois

Fire Extinguisher Selection in Illinois

You have a lot invested in your home or business. You may have spent a significant amount of money enhancing its décor and other features. However, have you invested in something as simple as making sure you have the necessary protection of a quality fire extinguisher? Illinois is served by businesses that can ensure you have the fire extinguishers you need to keep you, your family and your home secure from the threat of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Options

There are many types of fire extinguishers available for your home or business in Illinois. Fires can spring up for many different reasons and burn a variety of different types of materials. Manufacturers have developed a range of extinguishers to handle different types of conflagrations. For instance, some extinguishers are designed to put out electrical fires, and others are simply designed to put out wood-burning fires.

The following list can help you determine which type of fire extinguisher is best for your office or home:

* Class A – this extinguisher is designed to put out fires that burn paper, wood, or cloth.
* Class B – if you need any extinguisher that can put out fires caused by grease, oil, gasoline or other flammable fluids, then this is your optimal choice
* Class C – this extinguisher puts out electrical fires
* Class D – this extinguisher handles fires that involve combustible metals such as those you may find an industrial factory settings
* Class K – this type of extinguisher effectively quenches fires that involve combustible cooking substances in kitchens such as vegetable, fat, and animal oils

To ensure the safety of your home and those living in your home, it’s important to buy several different types of fire extinguishers to cover the eventualities you could possibly face in terms of fire. Your office may benefit from an extinguisher that can handle electrical fires, but it also may benefit from another type of extinguisher that can handle wood fires or fires that involve cooking oil.

Choose the Right Extinguisher

In the end it’s important to assess your needs, and purchase the fire extinguishers for your business or home in Illinois that you may need at a very critical that involves a fire emergency.

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