Finding the Best Home That You Can Rent for Your Family Vacation

Finding the Best Home That You Can Rent for Your Family Vacation

Renting a vacation home is sometimes a better solution for your family instead of staying in a hotel when you’re traveling. You have a bit more room to move around in a home, and you can enjoy spending time together instead of interacting with the other guests at the hotel. When you look at weekend house rentals in Key West, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you have the best vacation possible.

Early Booking

Try to make reservations in advance if at all possible. At least two or three months is usually enough time to make a reservation, especially if you’re traveling during a time of year that won’t be as busy with tourists in the area. If you plan on looking at weekend house rentals in Key West during busier times, then consider contacting the property owner several months to even a year ahead of time to ensure that you can secure the home.


Talking to a travel agent might result in more options that are available that you can’t find on your own. You can sometimes get better discounts as well when you book a vacation home rental through a travel agent. Most agents can set up tours so that you can see the home before you make a commitment to rent it for the weekend.


When you find a few homes to consider renting, talk to the owner of the property about deposits that you might need to pay and what you need to provide when staying in the home. You also need to find out what’s included in the home, such as toiletries or linens. If you’re traveling during a time of the year when reservations might be sporadic, consider asking for a discount in order to stay longer at the home.

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