Find the Best Child Custody Lawyer Dallas for You

No one wants to go through a divorce and the possibility of losing the right to see your children is a frightening prospect. In cases of child custody, things can seem to be stacked against you. Court filings can become clogged with accusations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. These difficult cases sometimes go public and distort the perception of divorce cases. Father’s Help of Texas has won thousands of cases for their clients and are experienced in getting fathers the right to see their children.

Father’s Help of Texas is based out of Dallas but they also serve the surrounding counties including Tarrant, Collin, Rockwall, Ellis and Kaufman and occasionally in Galveston and El Paso. This firm is skilled in helping both mothers and fathers regain custody of children, reducing child support, and enforcing visitation rights. All though divorce and custody disputes are their main focus, they also accept cases involving adoption, criminal, traffic tickets, warrants, DUIs, personal injury, simple wills, civil law, and evictions.

Here is a breakdown on what to expect in a Child Custody Lawyer Dallas.

The divorce process can be a tiring one and you may not know what to expect when the verdict is read. Tell your attorney what you want the outcome to be, best case and worst case scenario. Your attorney should inform you what will be a realistic expectation.

In custody or visitation rights, the perception that mothers, or women, receive preferential treatment is wrong. Father’s Help of Texas has been wildly successful in getting fathers the right to see their children.

If served with “contempt” or “enforcement” papers, contact an attorney immediately. Contact Child Custody Lawyer in Dallas and they will review your paperwork for free.

Most in society agree that child support should be arranged for the financial care of children. Many times though, child support is not calculated properly and this can put a great burden on the parent. Ask your lawyer to make sure you are paying the appropriate amount of support.

If you have knowledge that you may not be the father of a child in a dispute. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible because the legal options may be limited as time goes on in your case.

Don’t let divorce and another attorney deny you your right to see your children. Contact Father’s Help of Texas, for a child custody lawyer that cares.


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