Factors That Affect the Prices of Gasoline in Stroudsburg, PA

Factors That Affect the Prices of Gasoline in Stroudsburg, PA

Gas is one of the most important fuels used in the modern age. Almost all cars throughout the US have gas engines and you can buy the fuel readily at different places. While the prices have remained relatively stagnant in the past few months, everyone knows that gas prices tend to vary depending upon a variety of factors. Since most people buy gasoline in Stroudsburg, PA regularly, it’s important that you read about a few factors that impact the value of gas throughout the city. Here are some key factors that impact the price of gas across the country.

Company Profit Margins

The first and most important factor that determines the price of gasoline across the city is the profit margin levied by the company. You might have noticed that there’s a slight difference in the pricing offered by different fuel stations. You can easily check online for the current rates being offered by different fuel stations in your area. Some companies have bigger profit margins than others so keep that in mind. You can find out more information about W. S. Peeney, one of the major providers of gas throughout Stroudsburg.

International Exchange Rates

Gasoline is refined from crude oil, which is an internationally traded commodity. The prices of crude oil tends to vary depending upon a variety of external factors. When the price of crude oil increases in the international market, it will also increase here. Most companies make a clear announcement when they are about to increase the price of gas so you should follow up with the news as well. There are a couple of other factors that affect the price as well, such as the levels of refinement of the gas.

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