Don’t Let Your Gen Set Fail When Needed

Don’t Let Your Gen Set Fail When Needed

If you have decided that, for whatever reason, you do not totally trust your local utility company to be 100% reliable in supplying you with electricity 24/7 for 365 days per year, then you need to have some sort of back up electricity generation system for your place (be it residential or commercial). If this describes you (and let’s say you live in Illinois – maybe Lake Forest in Chicagoland) – once you decide to invest in the ability to generate your own electricity you will need to acquaint yourself with generator maintenance for Lake Forest.

What Brand Of Standby Generation Equipment Have You Chosen?

There are many brands on the market but a popular one is made in the USA by a company called Generac Power Systems, Inc. They produce standby electrical generating sets with a range of outputs from 800 watts to 9 megawatts which are marketed through accredited distributors under their Guardian brand name. These are fuelled by gas and are usually permanently installed outside but adjacent to the building.

Why Have One?

We live in a fully developed country so we could easily believe that our electric power supply is guaranteed to be there whenever we need it. However, that is not totally true. Very occasionally, a power outage may be the direct fault of the power company but, more often than not, an outside factor has come into play. This is usually weather related and a common cause will be that the power lines have been cut. If this was as a result of heavy snowfall, it could be some time before power supply can be resumed.

It Must Cut In The Moment Power Cuts Out

For this to happen, you have to ensure that you have sufficient fuel and that your set is always in full working order. Regular, scheduled, preventative generator maintenance in Lake Forest will ensure that you start generating within moments of any power failure.

Penco Electric Inc are not only the approved supplier for Generac sets, they are also fully certified to carry out generator maintenance in Lake Forest. It makes sense to arrange a schedule for preventative maintenance with them when you first buy your new Guardian. Keep reading more information at Penco Electric Inc.

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