Do You Need Brake Repair In Myrtle Creek OR?

Do You Need Brake Repair In Myrtle Creek OR?

Is it even possible to repair brakes? Should we not be considering fixing or replacing brakes? I suppose that depends on what we really mean by repair?

Some History

When our means of transporting ourselves over land from “A” to “B” were restricted to using our own feet or riding on the back of an animal, we stopped our progress by simply stopping movement. But, once the wheel was invented, things like gravity, inertia and friction crept in to our lives. Once the first wheel started to roll, someone had to find ways to control where it rolled to and how to stop it rolling when it got there. As we improved the way in which we harnessed power to make our wheels roll, the need for control grew in direct relationship to the speed of the rolling wheel.

Simply cutting off the power did not stop the wheel because gravity and inertia kept it moving until friction against the ground eventually slowed it to a halt. The key to a quick stop lay in harnessing and increasing the friction. Maybe early movers looked into ways of increasing the friction between the ground and the rotating wheel but (if they did) nothing successful developed. What did develop was the thought that friction could be externally applied to the wheel – either directly to its hub or to the shaft that is attached to the wheel to hold it in place and/or provide the rotating drive power – something that literally grabbed hold of the wheel and stopped it from rotating; thus, any means of transportation attached to the wheel or wheels would come to a halt the moment the driver applied the friction.

What If You Cannot Stop?

Whether in Myrtle Creek OR or elsewhere, if your car will not stop, there has to be something wrong with either the friction material or the method of applying force to the friction material. Therefore, for brake repair in Myrtle Creek OR, you really need either replacement/refurbishment of the friction material or the, usually, hydraulic system (whereby the pressure of your foot on the brake pedal is magnified and transferred to the friction material). You might only need to top up the hydraulic brake fluid or, you could be looking at replacing various parts within the braking system.

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