Crucial Steps for Proper Diesel Generator inspection and Maintenance

Crucial Steps for Proper Diesel Generator inspection and Maintenance

A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy (motive power) into electric power. The electricity produced is used in an external circuit. The various motive power sources include gas turbines, steam turbines, internal combustion engines, water turbines, and hand cranks.

Proper Turbine Generator Maintenance is essential. This practice ensures that the device keeps running for several years.

How to Maintain a Diesel Generator

When a diesel generator is operational, the fuel system, exhaust system, engine, and DC electrical system require critical monitoring. It should be checked for leaks. The occurrence of leaks can be hazardous. Like with any combustion engine, inspection and maintenance are key.

Lubrication Services

Engine lubrication should be checked regularly. This can be done by shutting down the generators at specific intervals to check the lubrication levels using a dipstick. Always maintain the oil level near the full mark. Also, it’s vital to add the same brand and quality of the oil. Mixing can damage the generator.

The filter and oil should regularly be replaced at acclaimed time intervals. When draining the oil, kindly check the manufacture’s procedure of replacing and draining the oil and filter. The disposal of the used oil should be done appropriately to prevent environmental liability or damage.

You shouldn’t forget that it pays off to use the highest quality lubricants and oils. They continuously keep your generator working.

Testing and Replacing Weak Batteries

A weak or undercharged battery can make it challenging to start the generator in case of power failure. The cells should be well-maintained and kept fully charged.

Turbine Generator Maintenance is not that challenging. If some of these strategies can be implemented, the generator can run without failure.

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