Cost of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney in Romney WV

Cost of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney in Romney WV

Real estate foreclosure process is too complex to be understood by a layman. Many homeowners facing a foreclosure attempt to deal with this legal issue first on their own, but very soon a lot of them understand that it is necessary to hire a real estate attorney in Romney WV in order to successfully defend the case. Cost is the major factor that inhibits many individuals from hiring an attorney, but very few of them realize that the cost of hiring an attorney is quickly recovered when your house is protected from foreclosure by the lenders.

Many individuals resist the idea of hiring a real estate lawyer in an attempt to save their money. However, one should not forget that their lender, which could be a powerful financial institution, already has a legal support on their side. Therefore, having an attorney on your side provide you the legal support and confidence you need in order to successfully defend your case.

Anyone who is facing a foreclosure and is unsure about how to navigate through this complex legal process should consider hiring a real estate attorney in Romney WV. Most real estate lawyers charge a very reasonable amount and serve a number of functions such as:

1. They negotiate with the lender and try to work out a repayment plan suitable for the borrower.

2. They help the borrower in repaying the mortgage by extending the payment schedule, modifying the terms of repayment, and/or help the client in securing a second loan to pay back the mortgage.

3. They ensure timely response to the foreclosure lawsuit filed by the lender and try to delay the proceedings in order to provide more time to the client.

4. They help the client in preparing for the court hearings and ensure that their opinions are being heard by the court.

Fee of a Real Estate Attorney in Romney WV

Most of the real estate attorneys charge a reasonable flat fee or hourly fees for the services they provide. Depending on the nature of the case, the flat fee charged by a real estate lawyer may range anywhere from $500 to $5,000. The hourly rates vary from state to state and depend on the attorney’s experience. However, most attorneys charge $200 to $500 per hour. The fee does not include office expenses such as cost of copying, mailing, and filing legal documents.

In WV and many other states, a real estate attorney may be entitled to receive his fees from the plaintiff in case of a successful defense. However, this varies from attorney to attorney and must be negotiated when hiring a real estate attorney for handling a foreclosure case.

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