Cleaning Tips From Carpet Suppliers in Bedford Hills NY

Cleaning Tips From Carpet Suppliers in Bedford Hills NY

Getting a new carpet in the home can be quite exciting to a new homeowner and with good reason. A purchase from Carpet Suppliers in Bedford Hills NY can make the home look very elegant and goes a long way toward freshening up the look of the house. However, as with most things, the owner needs to ber very careful so as not to let the carpet get too grimy and dirty. With that in mind, here are expert cleaning tips to help keep that new carpet look beautiful for years to come.

Suck It Up

The first thing to be done is to clean up all of the actual dirt particles embedded in the carpet. This is easily done with a vacuum cleaner. In addition to dirt, the same can be done for any food particles or other debris which happens to be on the carpet. Liquids can be soaked up with a rag or paper towel and anything sticky should removed by scraping it off with a butter knife.

Try The Blotter

Take a moist, but not soaking wet, towel and lightly blot the stained or dirty area. Make sure to work from the outside going toward the inside. Do not rub in a circular motion or press too deeply as this can actually force the stain deeper into the Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs carpet fibers. Get a cleaning solution from the store and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Spraying It Down

Most commercial cleaning sprays or solutions will have you put a modest amount of product directly onto the stain. Do not use too much as this may actually cause damage to the carpet fibers. Let the solution soak into the fibers for about 10 minutes (or by the time listed on the bottle.) After the soaking is complete, the cleaning solution can be dabbed away by using the same motions as before.

Visit website to get more information about the best way to clean the carpet in the home. There is also a wide selection of new carpet available for purchase in case all that is needed is a fresh look for the home.

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