Choosing the Perfect Lobster Tails – A Brief Guide

Choosing the Perfect Lobster Tails – A Brief Guide

Do you love seafood? Think lobster is the best thing to ever crawl onto a plate? Many people share your passion for this treasure of the sea, but far fewer know how to choose the perfect lobster or lobster tail for dinner. If you’re looking to cook up a lobster feast – or a romantic meal for two – here are a few tips for buying lobster that will set the tone for a perfect dinner!

Look at them Live

A good lobster for the table is one that is lively and feisty in the tank. Sluggish, sleepy or dull-looking lobsters may be sickly, or may lack the muscle that will make for a hearty, meaty meal. If you’re buying live, make sure your lobsters are just that!

Get a Feel for Them

Perhaps you’d like to forgo handling a live lobster, or you’d just rather skip that step of preparation. If you’re looking to buy lobster tails rather than the whole lobster, be sure to feel the tails before you purchase them. Excellent lobster tails will present the following signs of quality:

  • Tails should feel heavy for their size.

  • A slight curl should be observed, but the tail should not be entirely “drawn” in appearance.

  • A fresh, clean smell should be present, if any. If the tails smell off-putting, alert your fish salesman, as this is a sign that they have gone bad.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Of course, if you aren’t into the idea of hunting down the perfect lobster tails by hand, you can always leave that to the leading industry retailers. The staff at today’s online seafood and lobster retailers choose the very best of everything, so you know that when you buy lobster tails through their online store, you’re getting the absolute cream of the crop. Plus, many offer a guarantee to refund or replace your meal if it doesn’t arrive fresh and ready to cook. Let’s see your local store beat that!

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