Child Support Lawyers in Temecula Provide Legal Assistance to Custodial Parents

Child Support Lawyers in Temecula Provide Legal Assistance to Custodial Parents

There’s no question that raising a child is expensive. Many married couples have to work two jobs to give their kids all the things they need. When couples separate and the custodial parent has to take care of all those needs on their own, children often have to do without extra clothes, sports and vacations. Some children even have to move out of the neighborhood where they’ve lived their entire lives so their single parent can afford the housing expenses. Child support makes it easier for single parents to pay for the things their kids want and need so they don’t have to tell them no all the time.

How to Get Child Support

Parents who need help getting financial assistance from their child’s other parent could hire child support lawyers in Temecula to bring their case in front of a judge. Divorced parents may have a child support order as part of their divorce decree. If the other parent fails to pay the required support, a lawyer from the Law Office of Michelle Penna may be able to help them get the court to enforce the order. Parents who don’t pay court-ordered child support could lose their licenses or even go to jail.

What to Do If Child Support Isn’t Paid

Sometimes the other parent doesn’t pay the child support they were ordered to by the court. It’s important for the custodial parent to contain their discontent about the situation. It’s an adult issue and should not be shared with the children. The only people a parent should talk to about not receiving child support are their adult friends or family and their child support lawyers in Temecula. Children typically love both of their parents regardless of how much cash they contribute to the household.

Instead of getting frustrated and lashing out at the other parent, people who need to collect child support should visit the website and get in touch with an experienced attorney. By scheduling a consultation to discuss the case, a custodial parent may get the information and support they need to navigate the legal process and get the financial assistance they need to raise their children.

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