Cases Managed By Family Law Lawyer In Lee’s Summit, MO

Cases Managed By Family Law Lawyer In Lee’s Summit, MO

In Missouri, family laws encompass matters involving a family. Divorces, guardianships, child support, and spousal support are common reasons that additional actions occur. Petitioners who want to start a case review their rights with an attorney. Reviewing cases managed by a Family Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO shows petitioners what to expect.

Protecting a Family Member

A family member who is at risk needs protection. Minors and disabled adults who cannot take care of themselves need someone to step in and protect them. A petitioner files a motion to establish a guardianship and take control. He or she manages the minor or disabled adult’s care and assets. The family member makes decisions for the victim and prevents others from taking advantage or abusing the minor or disabled adult.

Ending a Marriage

Family lawyers help couples end their marriage and start a new life. The process involves the separation of assets and decisions about children produced during the marriage. The process helps couples end their disputes and finalize the divorce.

Modifying Child Support Payments

Child support payments provide financial assistance to children who were produced during the marriage. The custodial parent receives the payments each month according to the court’s schedule. At any time that a need presents itself, the custodial parent files a petition to increase the child support payments. The court decides if the parent needs an increase in child support payments.

Ending or Modifying Spousal Support Payments

Spousal support payments end if the spouse remarries, dies, or the terms impose limitations. A former spouse that needs additional spousal support payments files a motion through the court to continue the payments. Additionally, a spouse has the right to file a motion to end the support payments.

In Missouri, family laws assist family members who need to protect a minor or a disabled adult. Couples end their marriage and settle their differences. Child support payments and spousal support changes start with a new motion filed through the court. Families settle their disputes and manage issues under family laws. Petitioners who need to start a case with a Family Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO click here for more details now. You can also visit them on their YouTube Channel.

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