Business Phone Systems in Dallas – Making the Switch to VoIP

Business Phone Systems in Dallas – Making the Switch to VoIP

Are you in the market for a switch in your phone service? Have you considered a change from your existing phone service to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? You may be able to significantly increase your communication system’s efficiency by taking advantage of one of these business phone systems. Dallas is served by VoIP providers that can help businesses like yours benefit with a more state-of-the-art communication system.

Today’s VoIP systems are powerful and sophisticated. They enable businesses to benefit from reliable hosted phone systems that are accessible through mobile devices of workers. In addition, these systems can help you save a significant amount of money, even as much as 60 percent in some cases.

VoIP Operation

Land lines and VoIP systems differ in a very important way. VoIP services are hosted and managed through the Internet – they did not utilize traditional phone lines. These systems can operate through DSL, T1, or a PRI circuit. These business phone systems do not always require the installation of new Internet lines. They can often use the existing broadband Internet services already in place at your location.

Hosted Systems

You can use self-hosted or hosted networks based on your particular requirements. With a self-hosted system, larger businesses can often benefit because of the more complex connections involved. With a hosted network, the VoIP phone system provider handles the various necessary tasks off-site, including routing your calls to your phones and software clients.

Service Quality

the quality of the Internet connection you have at your location will reflect the quality of the phone service you receive. If your Internet connection is not optimum, you may experience periods of slow speed during peak demand times. In order to help ensure that your VoIP services are operating at optimum efficiency, it’s important to have high quality Internet service available at your location.

VoIP Phones

It is often necessary to replace the old phones with the installation of VoIP business phone systems. Old landline services operate through analog signals. Your new VoIP system will function through digital signals. Your old telephone hardware may need replaced as well. Most VoIP systems utilize phones assisted by SIP.


The more VoIP phone service lines you have, the higher the cost of your service will be. Additional features may also increase the cost.

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