Burning Calories While Doing Pilates in Wantagh

Although most don’t consider Pilates as a way to lose weight, it is a fact that Pilates does help in burning calories. The only problem currently is that there is no perfect measure of how many calories are burned when you do Pilates in Wantagh, whether or not you are using Pilates equipment.

Calorie Count

Often food is associated with calories, and the amount of heat an item of food can burn is the measure of calories it carries. The body has to perform metabolic processes to burn these calories.

Pilates exercises include the set of activities that increase the metabolism rate. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is a measure of the capacity of an individual to burn calories. It depends on various factors such as gender, age, body weight, and much more.

Pilates and Calories

Pilates undoubtedly helps in burning calories. There are many exercises using equipment including resistance exercises that increase the body metabolism rates. Although Pilates exercises are far more beneficial than simply burning fat, they are said to be more efficient than aerobics in calorie burning.

Personal trainers can help in choosing the right Pilates activities to burn calories. You can find trained professionals in gyms and required equipment for Pilates in Wantagh.

Measurement Techniques

A heart rate monitoring device would be one of the best apparatuses to measure the calories burned. Since there is a relationship between the amount of oxygen pumped by the heart and oxygen used to burn calories, you can calculate the calories burned based on an individual’s BMR and heart rate.

Such measurement during Pilates can give a good approximation of calorie-burning capability. With advancement in technology, equipment for Pilates in Wantagh and elsewhere in the world may soon have easier measurement techniques.

If you are looking to burn calories through Pilates in Wantagh, you can consider checking for classes at your local gym or fitness center.

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