Benefits Offered by Pole Buildings in Spokane WA

Benefits Offered by Pole Buildings in Spokane WA

Using a post-frame construction method will result in a cheaper, faster, stronger and easier building method for all sorts of different buildings. What more could a person want? While there are some naysayers in regard to Pole Buildings in Spokane WA being a better option, some of the benefits that are offered are quite impressive. These benefits are highlighted here.

Savings on the Foundation

In most construction projects, the foundation will cost more than 15 percent of the final price for the building. However, Pole Buildings in Spokane WA utilize posts as the framing element. The posts strength comes from the fact that they are buried four to six feet deep, which offers superior vertical and lateral bearing strength.

Instead of having to pour excessive amounts of concrete and excavate the area for the foundation of a traditional building, pole buildings are able to be set up with a power auger and posts that are supported by footers and a dirt backfill.

Spacing of the Trusses

A pole barn that has been properly engineered will include a wide truss space when compared to the traditional stick building. With the right type of truss design, connection details and bracing, the trusses can span up to eight feet further and support significant snow loads, as well as three-second wind gusts.

Superior Site Adaptability

For any area that is not flat, a traditional foundation will require moving of the earth and grading in order to ensure the site is level. A pole building will require much less preparation of the site than other, more popular types of construction.

Instead of wasting a great location for a new building due to excavation issues, a pole building can be constructed. Regardless of the land, these buildings can be constructed and secured in these areas. For additional information about all the benefits offered by pole buildings, contact Town &Country Builders Inc. today. Here any and all questions can be answered by industry professionals. Also, interested individuals can browse the various options that are available and find the building that they like best for their construction wants and needs.

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