Avoid Mistakes When Choosing Outdoor Event Spaces

Avoid Mistakes When Choosing Outdoor Event Spaces

Outdoor events are crowd-pleasures, sure to impress all guests with New Jersey’s natural beauty. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, event planners usually work with a checklist. Before signing the check on just any outdoor event space, learn from some of the common mistakes new event planners make.

1. Have an all-weather strategy. This might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people plan inadequately for all weather contingencies. Some things to consider include tents, umbrellas, and covered walkways leading to the facilities.

Considering the weather also means planning for safety considerations. Rain makes surface areas slippery. Take all precautions, alert your guests of any potential hazards, and consult with the property manager at the event space itself.

Planning for the weather also means considering heat, cold, and wind. Heat can be a real bother and can make guests cranky and ready to leave. If you are planning a summertime event, think of ways your guests can stay cool including offering ample room in the shade and staging your event at a naturally cool venue like Black Bear Lake. If possible, incorporate swimming into the program!

To plan for cold, you could rent space heaters and serve up warm drinks.

2. Keep your head count accurate. You are going to rent a tent for your outdoor event. The size of the tent or the number of tents depends on the number of guests you expect. Remember, the number of guests you expect might not be the same number that arrives, so be prepared.
3. Leave enough time for everything. Planning an event requires deft coordination and time management skills. Do not leave anything to chance, and write down every concern you have immediately. Setting up your outdoor event space in New Jersey early will ensure that you and your guests have the best celebration possible.

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