Ask These 4 Questions Before You Buy a Home in Irvine CA

Ask These 4 Questions Before You Buy a Home in Irvine CA

When you buy a home in Irvine CA, it’s advisable to arrange for a bit of help. Shopping for one all on your own can lead to all sorts of problems. A realtor can guide you through the process, offer paperwork assistance, negotiate on your behalf and provide you with great listings in the first place, among other things.

Here are 4 questions you’ll need to ask first, though, before you even consider putting a down payment on a house:

Are you financially ready?

Buying a home doesn’t just mean having enough income to cover the monthly mortgage. There are going to be a ton of fees—lawyer’s fees, inspection fees and your agent’s fees along with your monthly bills and day to day expenses. You’re going to need to worry about home insurance premiums as well. Make sure your bank account is ready to take on all that.

What is your budget?

How much can you afford to spend on a home? Be upfront with your realtor about this. This will help your agent refine the search, ensuring that you receive listings of properties that are well within your ballpark.

How to get help?

Hire an experienced realtor when you scout for a home in Irvine CA. Look for years of experience in the field as well as expertise. Ask about the kind of properties they’ve handled in the past. Are these similar to the type of property you’re looking for now?

What to expect?

A good realtor will remind you of the importance of paying for a home inspection service. Planning to skip that final walk-through and just go straight to the negotiating table? Your realtor will probably advise you not to miss that, just in case there’s any damage that could be a deal-breaker. Your agent can also warn you if a house you like is underpriced or overvalued, says How Stuff Works.

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