Arborists in Portland Aren’t All Created Equally

Perhaps you have a tree that has diseased parts and/or needs to be pruned or trimmed back. If you live in Portland, then you need to know that Arborists Portland are not all “created equally.” Some tree service places are nothing more than tree trimming places and they do not service from an arborist standpoint, which involves much more than simply “trimming trees.” An arborist is one who is proficient in the cultivation, care, and management of trees–what some people refer to as a “tree surgeon.” This is a higher level of certification and professionalism than simply cutting or trimming trees.

For Arborists Portland, there is one place that stand above the others–Mr. Tree. This is a “one stop shop” for all of your tree needs. Do you have pruning concerns? Is there a diseased tree that needs mended? Do you have a tree that needs to be lightning protected? These are just some of the questions/issues that confront a vendor like Mr. Tree. Others can include planting or transplanting, structural support, disease removal, etc. Whatever the concern or problem, Mr. Tree certainly has the answers.

Upon request, Mr. Tree will have a licensed professional available to assess the particular situation in question. There are legal considerations in terms of power lines and voltages, etc. and certainly there are safety concerns for the tree(s) in question as well as the Mr. Tree professional that will be rope or spike climbing or getting lifted via bucket. Other Arborists Portland may or may not be a well versed in the legal and safety arenas, let alone be as proficient in the care and well being of your particular tree or trees.

Like anything, “you get what you pay for.” If you are looking for someone to just “cut” or “trim” trees, then that is what you will get….and this may come at the expense of your tree or trees. However, if you search through the Arborists Portland then you will quickly see why Mr. Tree is the obvious choice of professional to competently address whatever tree situation you encounter. Choose the best in Mr. Tree and save time and money and the lives of the trees you love.


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