Aftermarket vs. OEM Auto Parts in Lansing MI

Questions sometimes arise as to the usability and quality of aftermarket parts, and some owners wonder when OEM parts should be used. To answer such questions, here is a list of benefits and disadvantages to help car owners make the right decision.

Using Aftermarket Parts

Many companies make parts that function as well or better than the originals. Almost 80% of independent repair facilities use aftermarket car parts, and customers should shop around and make sure they’re dealing with a reliable mechanic. Below are some of the benefits of aftermarket Auto Parts Lansing MI:

*       They’re less expensive. Aftermarket auto parts are cheaper than OEM, but savings can vary by brand. Compare prices to get an idea of how much a part typically costs.

*       Quality is just as good or better than OEM. Aftermarket companies reverse engineer parts, removing all the weaknesses.

And now, some of the disadvantages of aftermarket car parts:

*       Quality can vary widely. Some parts have inferior materials, and owners should choose trusted, mechanic-endorsed brands even if they cost more.

*       Selection can be difficult. If the car owner isn’t familiar with the brands, selection can be confusing and there’s always the chance of getting a bad part. Consult a mechanic for advice or choose an OEM part in these situations.

*       Some parts don’t have a warranty, which is done as a cost-cutting measure.

OEM Parts

As stated above, OEM parts are made by vehicle manufacturers. These parts are an exact match for what was on the car as it came from the factory. These parts are easier to select, and they come with a certain level of quality assurance and a warranty. However, OEM parts usually cost much more than aftermarket parts, but prices are dropping as dealerships strive to compete with independent repair facilities. You can also browse their website for further details.

Requesting OEM Parts

Where collision repairs are concerned, drivers should ensure that they’re receiving OEM parts because aftermarket pieces sometimes don’t fit properly. If a car is leased, using aftermarket body panels can decrease the book value so much that the driver loses their security deposit. If a driver works on their own car, aftermarket parts can help them save, but if the car’s going to Berger Chevrolet for repairs, OEM Auto Parts Lansing MI are a superior choice.

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