After Water Damage Has Occurred, Mold Remediation In Bowie Is Necessary

After Water Damage Has Occurred, Mold Remediation In Bowie Is Necessary

Mold can begin growing in a flooded area within 48 hours under perfect conditions. In recent years, mold has received a great deal of attention due to the health risks it poses. Once mold enters a structure, it can travel throughout a building and continue to grow in duct work and on almost any surface. The only things mold needs to thrive is moisture, oxygen, and an organic food source. Building materials are a prime target for mold to live on. Mold Remediation in Bowie can safely remove mold and the odor it brings from any structure quickly. After water damage has occurred, hours can make a difference in the amount of mold that can develop inside of a structure. You can visit here to get more information.

When flooding of a structure has occurred, immediate action needs to be taken to remove the water from the home. If the mold has developed over time from ongoing moisture in the structure, do not attempt to clean, scrub or treat the mold on your own. Disturbing the mold spores only permits them to travel throughout the building. Turn off the heating or cooling system to assist in stopping the travel of the mold. All of the occupants, including the pets, should be removed from the home, and an inspection for the type of mold needs to occur. All molds can cause allergy and asthma problems, but black mold can make individuals incredibly ill.

Water damage and mold remediation are covered by insurance. Mold Remediation in Bowie will work with your insurance company to get the maximum claim benefit allowed under the policy. Some policies permit living costs if the owner is displaced and includes removal and remodeling of the area. A mold remediation service will contain the mold and remove mold infested materials. Any contents of the home will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The mold odors will be removed from the home and restoration will occur the areas damaged by mold.

ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services offers a variety of services including mold remediation for residential and commercial structures. Ensure the health inside of a building after the mold has been detected by having it properly inspected, cleaned and restored.

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