Advantages of Hiring a Qualified Fort Myers, FL, Moving Company

Advantages of Hiring a Qualified Fort Myers, FL, Moving Company

While people enjoy moving to new houses or condos, they usually hate the process of moving their furniture and belongings. It’s time-consuming, tedious and just plain exhausting. That’s where a qualified Fort Myers, FL, moving company can come in handy. Here’s how.

Strong Credentials
Established moving companies in Fort Myers, FL, have usually moved hundreds and even thousands of people over the years. They also employ experienced movers who know how to disassemble beds and detach wall units. They also know how to carry furniture around corners and down steps without damaging walls or the furniture itself. Furthermore, these movers are also insured and bonded and qualified to move you.

Proper Equipment
Unlike yourself, moving companies in Fort Myers, FL, have all of the necessary devices and equipment to move you. Some of these devices include hoist straps, two- and four-wheel dollies, appliance jacks, pallets, ramps, covers, webbing, ropes, and fasteners.

Saves Time
Most importantly, moving companies in Fort Myers, FL, can save people lots of time. Instead of handling the physical move, you can spend more time enrolling your kids in new schools if necessary, disconnecting your utilities and satellite television and even apprising the post office of your address change.

Some of the better Fort Myers, FL, moving companies will provide other key services, including packing and storage. This can further ease the burden of your move.

Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. is a family-owned residential and commercial moving company that provides exceptional local- and short-distance moving services in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL, areas, and you can reach the company at 239-254-0114.

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