A Wardrobe of Belly Rings

A Wardrobe of Belly Rings

Body jewelry should be fun, having a wardrobe of belly rings is fun. How many belly rings do you really need? The question is not how many do you need, it is how many do you want? You can have a different ring for everyday of the week, to match all your favorite outfits, for beachwear, for evening wear, for every time you want to add a little sparkle to your body.

A Wardrobe

A lot of people think the same thing when they hear that they should have a wardrobe of belly jewelry, where would you find that many choices. If you know where to shop, then you know that you can have body jewelry for everyday of the week and for every mood your in.

The Basics

There are a few styles that you everyone should have to get started:

  • Rings in different colors
  • Bars with studs
  • Something that sparkles
  • Something colorful and fun

Building your wardrobe starts with having some basics on hand like a rainbow of ring colors so that you can switch off and add some style easily. Bars and studs are a great look as well. Of course, you want something that is eye-catching in your body jewelry wardrobe. As a matter of fact, a few things that sparkle and add a little light to your mid-section are a must. Don’t forget to show off your playful side with something that is bright and fun.

Where to Shop

Building your belly jewelry wardrobe starts by knowing where to shop to find the unique pieces that will really stand out. Bodyjewelry.com is a great source. They have over 500 variations to choose from including some solid gold options that look amazing. Shop Bodyjewelry.com to build your belly jewelry wardrobe and find great pricing and tons of styles.

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