A Slip And Fall Accident Attorney Determines How a Slip and Fall is Anything But Frivolous

A Slip And Fall Accident Attorney Determines How a Slip and Fall is Anything But Frivolous

Culturally speaking, a slip and fall injury has relegated to the area of “superfluous and frivolous lawsuits.” Most Americans can handle a small fall relatively well, and they brush off their back and continue on their way. But, they take that health for granted. There are many Americans that can be easily injured in a fall. They can break bones, slip at the right angle, and be in the hospital for months. Falls commonly cause brain damage, injury cord injuries, fractures, dislocations, and many more. Falls are the leading reason for emergency visits for two key demographics, children under 10 and adults over 65.

The unsettling fact is that many men and women are forced to work at 65 and over due to the changing economic times. Imagine if a slip and fall resulted in months of lost work? An elderly person is having their home taken away, and they are irrevocably injured, homeless, and staring down mounting medical debt because an employee left the floor wet.

These scenarios are not outside the realm of possibility given the current climate of employed workers over 65. What is the argument many people make that says slip and fall injuries are frivolous? What can a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney do to stress the potential of a single fall?

There is a very simple principle at the heart of a slip and fall injury, and it defines why and how a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney acts. What is the first feeling one has after falling in a public space? The feeling is likely embarrassment. They are embarrassed because it should not have happened. They had every reason to suppose and expect that the floor was fine, and they are uncomfortable with the external surroundings.

It is an implied standard of safety. The floor was not meant to be wet. The floor was not meant to have a giant pole sticking out of it or a shelf hanging out in the main walkway. The safety is implied, and it goes to show that the environment must be set-up as safe and practical. If the person who fell is embarrassed, it is because the environment was not meant to be slippery. Visit for more.


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