A Funeral Home in Orange City FL May Offer the Opportunity to Set up a Tribute Page

A Funeral Home in Orange City FL May Offer the Opportunity to Set up a Tribute Page

A recent trend in something families create after the death of a loved one is an online tribute. The tribute usually is posted by a Funeral Home in Orange City FL that the family has hired to make final arrangements. The tribute may be in a video or slideshow format, allowing others to see a variety of images from the person’s lifetime.

At the Service

This tribute also can be shown on a computer monitor or other display at a Funeral Home in Orange City FL before and after the service. Music could be added if the family likes the idea of incorporating several of their loved one’s favorite songs. One of the images can be used for the picture on the funeral program and the notes that are sent to people who expressed sympathy with flowers or monetary donations.

Imagery to Include

Imagery often includes the major happy events in the person’s life as well as casual snapshot moments. There may be pictures of childhood, graduations, a wedding, a 50th wedding anniversary, a retirement party, and time spent camping with family and friends. Photos of the person having fun with hobbies also are appealing.

On the Website

On the funeral home’s website, people typically can search for tributes by the specific person’s name. The most recent ones added will likely be on the front page of the tribute section. There may be a place where online guests can leave comments of sympathy or remembrance. This feature is especially helpful for those who cannot come to the funeral at a place like Fourtowns Cremation Inc. because they live too far away or for any other reason.

These types of tributes can be accomplished on social media sites too, but many families are more comfortable with having their memorial pages connected with a funeral home. They trust the compassionate service of this organization compared with the mega-corporate attitudes of social media site owners and staff members. Some family members may want to be active on the page, answering comments and conversing with people they may have been out of touch with for a long time. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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