A Few Tips for Choosing Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

While men who are preparing to propose to the women of their dreams experience a good deal of excitement, they often experience stress in equal measure when it comes to choosing the right engagement rings in Colorado Springs. After all, the choice to propose is a serious one, and the selection of a ring should be taken equally seriously. Those who read the tips below before setting out to find that perfect ring will be in a better position to find the right piece to match their unique style and budgetary needs, which can greatly reduce stress while simultaneously increasing the chances that she’ll say yes.

Choosing a Cut

Diamonds are, by far, the most popular stone for engagement rings in Colorado Springs, and with good reason. Their timeless beauty makes them the perfect stone for commemorating a future life together. Before purchasing a diamond ring, it’s important to understand a few things about cut quality. Cut quality is an industry term referring to how a diamond’s facets interact with light, which can be influenced by things like symmetry, polish, and size.

Choosing a Metal

While choosing a cut quality and style is largely a matter of working within a budget, choosing a metal can be a little bit more complicated. The most popular metals for contemporary engagement rings are white gold and platinum, while rose gold is more commonly used in vintage-style rings. Keep this in mind when choosing an overall style.

Choosing a Setting

Diamonds are held in place with settings that serve to both protect the stones from damage and enhance their beauty. Diamonds secured with pronged settings are typically comprised of just a single stone. Bezel settings, in which a thin strip of metal is hammered around the center gem to hold it in place, are popular for rings with multiple, larger stones. Halo settings are perfect for enhancing the size of center stones.

Choosing a Jeweler

Engagement rings can, and should, be custom fabricated to meet the unique needs of each individual couple. Be sure to choose a jeweler who will be able to offer professional advice throughout the process. Schedule an appointment with one friendly and professional jeweler today to get that search started off on the right foot.

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