5 Ways to Stress-Free Home Theater Installation

5 Ways to Stress-Free Home Theater Installation

It’s easy to get lost in the right film. Wonderful colors, witty dialogues, and head-spinning stunts. If there’s nothing you love more than sinking into a good film or show, then having your own home theater is going to be well worth it. Heed the following tips before you start turning one of your rooms into a home theater, though.

Find your sweet spot

Before Determine the optimal viewing distance that works for you. The standard rule is to note down the diagonal screen size of your screen and multiply the figure by 1.5 to 2.5. That’s the distance you should follow for your couch and chairs, the Mental Floss suggests.

Use a sound bar

Dedicated speakers are the bomb when it comes to delivering the ultimate cinematic audio experience. If that’s the sound quality you want, then you might want to try out a sound bar. It packs multiple speakers into a horizontal package and can easily fit under your screen. You could also put it on top of your TV and use it to reinforce your base.

Set floor space for your bass

You’ll want to upgrade to a bass-only speaker. However, if you’re going for the big, boxy pieces, you’d best put them on the floor. Putting them in a cabinet will only generate rattles. These are ideally put near walls or in corners.

Use smaller speakers

If you don’t have that much room, then try putting small speakers in your bookshelves. That’s going to feel like the sound is coming at you from all directions, which can be a truly wonderful experience, especially for a die-hard lover of motion pictures.

Get help

There’s so much that goes into the setup and planning. Hiring AV installation pros in NYC can eliminate a lot of the stress and hassle. If you haven’t got a lot of time on your hands, hire AV installation experts in NYC to help you enjoy films and shows the way you’ve always wanted.

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