5 Things to Think About If You’re Sending Your Child to Wilderness Therapy

5 Things to Think About If You’re Sending Your Child to Wilderness Therapy

Sometimes, it feels like you’ve tried to help your son in every possible way. If you’re at the end of the line and you can’t think of anything else that may work, sending him to a Colorado wilderness therapy program may be the next step.

Here are a few things to think over before you send your child to camp.

Is it the right decision?

Deciding to send your child away for help can be a painful decision. But it can prove to be the right one. If your child is depressed, sending him to a place where he could look at himself and examine who he is can help, Motherwell says. That’s what the right Colorado wilderness therapy program can do.

How long will my child stay?

Some may stay for months. Others may be there longer or shorter, depending on their condition and progress. Knowing your child’s possible length of stay will help you and the family prepare.

What kind of credentials do you have?

This is easy enough to check on the facility’s website. However, the question is also a good way to get a gauge on whether the staff knows about the facility’s credentials. This also helps you determine the experience and expertise of the staff and people in charge who will be overseeing your child’s care.

How many children are enrolled?

Then ask for how many staff there is. That should give you a clear idea of the staff-to-resident ratio. Is it a good one? If the staff are too few and overburdened, that could mean that your child may not receive the proper attention, care, and treatment. Then it’s best to check out better options.

What is your admission criteria?

Find out about the qualities that get a resident admitted and at which point will the residents no longer be qualified for the facility’s care and treatment? Find out.

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