4 Signs You’re Dealing with a Bad Dealer

4 Signs You’re Dealing with a Bad Dealer

There are plenty of hucksters out there. Dealers who will be out to get you for as much as they can. And they seem to be lurking at every corner, at every turn. That’s how most people feel when they negotiate with a dealer. However, there are honest dealers out there who can make the buying experience a whole lot easier. Here’s how to find out if your International Truck dealer in Texas is one of them:

‘Too good to be true’ deals

If the dealer gives you a monthly rate that seems too good to be true or a deal that seems to beat all the deals in the history of deals, then be wary, says Road and Track. If that deal seems too good to be true, then it’s probably got giant loopholes somewhere. Stay away from dealers like this.

Aggressive, pushy behavior

An honest International Truck dealer in Texas won’t try to push you into buying a particular truck with complete disregard for what you and your business needs. So if you think your dealer is a bit too aggressive and seems to be forcing you to commit to the sale, don’t be swayed. Be firm about saying no then walk away.

Too friendly

On the other hand, if the dealer seems too friendly with you, take control of the conversation. Be professional. Show the dealer that you would prefer some distance. If the dealer doesn’t take the hint, though, you might need to find another one.

Lack of knowledge

Dealers don’t have to know everything about the trucks they sell. If they have a huge inventory, then it’s going to be impossible for them to know every little thing about the models they have on offer. But if the dealer can’t seem to provide you with any of the details or information you need or can’t seem to answer basic questions about the truck, it’s probably smarter to go with a different dealer.

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