4 Signs Your Home Needs New Sidings

4 Signs Your Home Needs New Sidings

Your sidings protect the sides of your home from moisture. But they’re not going to last forever. Here are a few signs to watch out for that tell you it’s time to toss out your old ones and start checking out James Hardie Siding in Naperville IL for new options.

The siding is chipping or peeling

Painting your home every five or six years is normal, the Sliding Magazine says. If you’ve got siding in place, then that should last you for about 8 to 10 years, if not longer, so long as you care for it properly. But if the siding is chipping or peeling, then there could be a problem with the siding itself. You’ll need to shop around for permanent replacements this time around. Look for James Hardie Siding in Naperville ILfor standout options.

You have high energy bills

Faulty siding can also lead to high cooling or heating bills. That, coupled with drafty windows, could be costing you a lot in energy consumption expenses. You can put a stop to that when you finally install and get new sidings in place.

There’s rotting or warping

If the sidings are warped or if the boards underneath the siding are rotting, then those are clear indications that a replacement is already long overdue. Start shopping for new sidings and hire pros to install them for you

Severe fading

It takes at least eight years for the color from durable sidings to fade. If yours is already faded out, then it may be time to consider putting in an order for new sidings.

Whether you want to give your house a makeover or prevent further damage caused by faulty or substandard siding, it’s time to replace your old ones. Get pros for the installation work to ensure stellar results.

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